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Top Facebook Scams of 2022 and How to Avoid Them,A Word From The Editor

 · How Does Facebook Dating Scam Work – Avoid Scams in Dating and romance scams can occur in many ways. Scammers will often use online dating websites and  · Category: Scams. On September 5, , Facebook launched a service for those looking to find online love called Facebook Dating. With this app, you link your pre-existing  · One of the oldest scams involves fraudsters posing as love interests to target unsuspecting Facebook users. These faux romancers are people you’ve never heard of  · Romance Scam Photos on Facebook. As mentioned above, photos are a big part of the scams. Romance scammers will steal photos from well-known soldiers on the internet. ... read more

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scamfish Catfish Facebook Military Romance Scams: How To Spot This Devastating Online Scam. Jordan April 7, Category: Catfish , Scams. Military Scams: How Do Military Romance Scams Work?

Avoiding Military Scams: How to Recognize the Military Scam Format. Previous Article. Next Article. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive latest articles. POF Scams: Catfish Scams, Romance Scams, and More October 1st, by David McClellan. RELATED APP REVIEWS Finding someone on Tinder can be a tall task.

Related Articles. Fake Video Chat: How to Tell If Your Video Call is Real July 22nd, by Ashley Mae Orcutt. Top 10 Catfished Faces of April April 11th, by Jordan. Facebook Military Romance Scams: How To Spot This Devastating Online Scam April 7th, by Jordan. com's Catfish Problem: How to Tell if You're Talking to a Catfish April 4th, by Jordan. About Social Catfish is an online dating investigation service based in California, USA.

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For latest news and catfish stories, subscribe to our newsletter! Disclaimer: You may not use SocialCatfish. com or the information we provide to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. Most of the time they will start off slow asking you for an Amazon or Visa gift card sent electronically via email of some sort.

Then, it will add up to sending large money orders via Western Union or other such methods. Be wary of these scams. Scammers use these tactics to their advantage and convince you that the feelings are real, and if you just help them with finances, you can be together. As awful as it sounds, most victims of these scams are getting out of a divorce or had a spouse die, making them lonely and easily fooled. No one says you should give up social media, or even online dating, entirely. In fact, I really encourage online dating and networking, since you can meet so many more unique and genuine people than you would otherwise.

A few great tips for protecting yourself while using Facebook include these 6 items. This is really just the bare minimum you should be doing on Facebook, or any social media site, to keep scammers out of your life. In the privacy settings, you should review what your account is set on as a default. Also, you may want to consider not allowing search engines to link your profile unless you have a business need for exposure online. You also want to make sure your email, phone number, and other forms of private contact are kept hidden.

On Facebook, a mutual friend is someone that has a person on your approved friends list also added. You can see how many mutual friends you share with an account hoping to add you before accepting.

This way, you can ensure that those reaching out to you are only connected by people you know in real life. Facebook community groups are a large part of the websites appeal. From township forums, garage sale pages, parenting and hobbies clubs, to even groups associated to your zodiac sign , you can find a group for anything. People from all over the world join groups to promote movements, politics, and ideas.

When in a group setting, especially a large one that is open to more than just your area, just be mindful of what you post and comment. Keep personal details on the private side, and talk with others in the comments instead of direct messages until you build trust together. Since fake profiles will never use real pictures of themselves, the best way to discover if the person on the other end is a catfish or a true account is to just do some research. Take their pictures and use the search engines and free programs to trace the origin of the image, as well as other places it has been posted.

People sometimes upload pictures to more than one place, for example, cross-posting on Instagram and Facebook, or maybe a photography website for professional images on a gallery display.

If someone asks you for money… you should just say no. Your help can be given in other ways. Maybe point them to a crowd funding group , or suggest government and outreach programs designed to help those with financial grief. Most of the time, a scammer will jump from casually talking to being very serious romantically in a short amount of time, and with that leap comes the pressure to wire funds over. Made a new friend? Do you feel a lot of chemistry with them?

Even better! Run a background check first using the service, BeenVerified. This will help but any suspicions or fears to doubt when it comes to verifying their legitimacy online. If a reverse image search comes up empty, you can utilize many different background check programs.

You can even get this done for free! Do your research on conducting background checks and run the name of the profile through the database. Many arrest records are left public, too, so you can even check the safety of your potential date as well. Now that you know everything about Facebook romance scams, you should conduct a little bit of a self-investigation to see how likely you are to be targeted for a scam. Scammers tend to go for repeat victims, those who fall into the same category and have easy ways to manipulation them.

Not everything on this list of risks can be changed, such as your age or relationship status.

Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They hide in plain sight and recycle old tactics while preying on some of the most trusting members of society. Learn what to look for and stay safe.

Phishing is the act of impersonating a service to convince a target to give up their login credentials. Most phishing takes place over email when a scammer sends a message asking the target to log in to their account, recover their password, or verify account details. When this link is clicked, the target is taken to a website that looks very much like Facebook but actually is hosted elsewhere. Even if you suspect a notice to be legitimate, you should still visit Facebook. com directly rather than following a link in an email, just to be safe.

Because Facebook is a social network, your friends influence your behavior while using the service. Association with your friends becomes a tacit endorsement. With the keys to your Facebook account, a scammer has access to your full list of friends. They can tell who you message and how often you do so, and even what you talk about. This information could be used to conduct highly targeted personal scams, or it could be used to cast a far larger net over your entire friends list. RELATED: What is Typosquatting and How Do Scammers Use it?

These vastly overpriced tickets may never exist in the first place, and if you are unlucky enough to fall for the scam, then you are unlikely to be able to recover your money. The scammer first creates an event page for a show with limited tickets and high demand, often shows that have already sold out.

The event is then promoted on Facebook, which costs the scammers very little to do. Unfortunately, the link to tickets for the events does not point to an official ticket outlet. Instead, scammers will insert links to ticket resale websites. These already exist in morally and legally gray areas. Such sites are commonly used by scalpers who buy tickets en-masse to flip for two, three, or four times the price. The more sought-after the tickets, the more profit there is to be made.

Many of these resellers do not have tickets to sell in the first place. If your ticket never arrives, most reseller websites point to the terms and conditions which state that they are not responsible for any sellers that do not deliver. Depending on your local laws, you might not have a lot of consumer protection. Even if you do, not everyone has the resources to fight a legal battle. To avoid this scam, always buy from legitimate ticket outlets.

If you want to buy tickets, leave Facebook, and search for the show or artist, you would like to see and follow official links instead. Compromised accounts are the perfect breeding ground for this sort of scam.

The endorsement of a friend whom you trust can be enough to tip you over the line. Oh Wow!! I won the Facebook lottery, and I'm not even on Facebook! I feel so lucky! Surely this isn't a scam… pic. Ultimately the scam takes the same turn as every other scam out there. Suspiciously, these fees can never be subtracted from your winnings. By the time the penny drops, you could have put hundreds or thousands of dollars into the scam.

You should always question anyone who wants you to spend money to receive a prize. A friend shares a free gift card or a significant discount code to a big retailer on Facebook. Curious, you click on it and are asked to fill out a form so that you can receive your code. The problem is, your gift card or discount never arrives.

Personal information, particularly names linked to addresses, a date of birth, and a valid email address all have value online. Your details may be sold to spammers who will use it for marketing purposes. Sometimes scammers will try the scam in reverse by sending fake gift cards to a physical address. Be immediately suspicious of any competition or offer that asks you to share the post as part of the claim or entry.

You should never buy an item on Facebook Marketplace that you cannot inspect or pick up yourself in person. Furthermore, sellers often use personal payment features reserver for friends and family on services like PayPal, where there is no ability to reverse the payment.

You can also open yourself up to other problems, like meeting a seller in private to conduct a cash transaction and being robbed. If you are meeting someone in person from Facebook Marketplace, do so in a sensible, well-lit, and public location. Facebook Marketplace is used to quickly sell-on stolen goods, particularly gadgets like tablets and bicycles.

If you buy stolen goods and they are traced back to you, you will, at the very least, lose whatever you purchased and will likely lose all of the money you paid for said item. If the authorities suspect you knew the goods were stolen, you may be charged with handling stolen goods too. Romance scams are elaborate, but they have deceived many. Much of the time, the scammer will use a relationship to extract money and other goods from the victim.

These scams can have disastrous consequences way beyond financial loss if they go too far. Even phone calls and webcam conversations can appear legitimate while being ultimately deceptive.

Unfortunately, many who are lured by this scam are unable or unwilling to see that they are being used. The main red flag to look for is a romantic interest who you have met on Facebook or elsewhere online asking for money. Their reasons may seem convincing, and they may tug on heartstrings in a bid to persuade you that they have a legitimate need. Play Video. This scam can take a very dark turn when the scammer wants more than just money.

The recent case of Sydney woman Maria Exposto demonstrates just how badly things can go wrong. Her supposed love interest never arrived, and instead, she was befriended by a stranger the scammer who convinced her to carry the backpack back to Australia.

Maria was convicted by a Malaysian court of drug trafficking and sentenced to death in May It took five years in jail and 18 months on death row before her conviction was overturned and she was released.

In April , New Zealand woman Sharon Armstrong was found trafficking cocaine out of Argentina because she too had fallen for a romance scam.

This is the same technique used all over the web by deceptive advertisers to drive clicks. On Facebook, these links often appear at timely intervals, like when the social media network is discussing the rollout of new features.

If in doubt, a quick internet search should reveal any legitimate changes, and you can ignore the clickbait. While Facebook can remove links or add disclaimers next to misleading and fake stories, the use of URL shortening websites and redirect links are used heavily to evade detection. For your safety and to deprive the scammers of clicks , you should avoid spammy content like this altogether.

Many but not all scams can be avoided if you follow one simple rule: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. As Facebook continues to grow and have a more significant impact on how we live our lives, these scams and many new ones are bound to occur more frequently.

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Facebook Romance Scams in 2022: Need to Knows and Protection,These are the best matches based on the address you entered.

 · Category: Scams. On September 5, , Facebook launched a service for those looking to find online love called Facebook Dating. With this app, you link your pre-existing  · One of the oldest scams involves fraudsters posing as love interests to target unsuspecting Facebook users. These faux romancers are people you’ve never heard of  · Romance Scam Photos on Facebook. As mentioned above, photos are a big part of the scams. Romance scammers will steal photos from well-known soldiers on the internet.  · How Does Facebook Dating Scam Work – Avoid Scams in Dating and romance scams can occur in many ways. Scammers will often use online dating websites and ... read more

RELATED: What is Typosquatting and How Do Scammers Use it? com Catfished on OKCupid Catfished on Tinder. Select a City Search All Continue. Parallels Desktop 18 Review. Suspiciously, these fees can never be subtracted from your winnings. Best Wireless Earbuds. The best thing to do is to contact Facebook directly to get to the bottom of this.

Start Here. Premium Snapchat Scams: Read this to avoid the Snapchat Girls trap. Invalid Email. Once installed on your device, the malware can do many things, facebook online dating scams, like extract confidential information and send it on to cybercriminals. Many use it for connecting with family or networking for work, but the most of Facebook users are open-minded to romance and flirting and reaching out to users all over the world. Unlock Your Results Now.